Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Barack Obama not a Natural Born Citizen???

A court case is pending in Pennsylvania which claims that Barack Obama was not born in the US and thus is not eligible to run for President. (View the Complaint) This is not something the mainstream media has picked up. They care about tanning beds and any other dirt they can pick up, but not a major problem such as this one? A man is running for President who could not be eligible to run? Sounds like a big story to me.
I found this article and another one from I found very little about this on the Web. You would think this would get a little more traction even from the not so mainstream media? Thursday September 18 is rumored to be the date the hearings start. Could these claims be true? The US Constitution is very clear about the requirements to run for President.
Did Obama think he could get elected without this being noticed? Or is this just a desperate attempt to raise doubts? If you noticed Hillary Clinton didn't "drop out of the race", but only "suspended her campaign efforts". Which may mean she is waiting in the wings for this issue to get attedntion, and if it is found true then she can take the nomination?
More to come on this.

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