Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Vice Grip Pliers Jobs move to China

This was announced a while ago, but wanted to make sure it was noticed. ExpansionManagement.com reports that the Nebraska plant which made the famous locking pliers is closing and sending production to China. 300 hard working people out of work to save a buck. This type of announcement isn't new. These pliers were made in the US for over 80 years.
Lehman Brothers was established before the civil war and just went bankrupt. AIG, the largest insurance company in the world, Merrill Lynch bought out. The list just goes on and on.
The core of our American economy is falling apart.
What to do?
Buy US made products and services. I know it's hard to find them, and they cost more money sometimes, but if we don't support our own companies we will soon be speaking a different language.
Visit: www.MadeinUSA.org to find products made in the US.

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