Friday, October 10, 2008

Michael Savage to Explore Launch of 3rd Party

Michael Savage announced last night his plans to explore the launch of a 3rd political party. The radio talk show host syndicated nationwide came in on a day when he was scheduled off to make this announcement. This was the same day the Dow dropped $678. I like Michael because he doesn't just bash the Democrats all day. He tells it how it really is and doesn't hold back. He also talks about all of McCain's faults. He stated that the people are fed up with the way things are and he intends to have an alternative. This won't affect this election. He is realistic and knows this will take 2-4 years to get up and running.

Savage says he will not personally run for an office. He said his voice on the radio will serve the people more than his being in office which would require him to not be on the radio anymore. He plans to be the architect of the party and run things from an office space in San Francisco where he lives. He also promised that this would be his life long mission and that this is what he must pursue as a calling. He doesn't think either party stands for the average person anymore and they have lost touch. Now might be the time to have a 3rd party which can be a true challenger to the establishment. He has a huge listening audience and can persuade many people. This will be interesting to watch. He has already posted The Savage Manifesto which explains what his party will stand for and work to change. What do you think?

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