Saturday, October 25, 2008

Must Read Article about the Housing Crisis

Please read this article!
It describes who really caused the current financial meltdown. In an earlier posting I explained the same cause. This writer, who is a Democrat, takes it a step further though. He goes after the liberal media for not telling the true story about what caused all this. As I watched Greenspan sit up in front on Congress and say he had no idea what went wrong I just got mad. Everyone is looking for a scapegoat for this mess. The FBI is investigating companies. Everyone is scrambling to be able to point a finger at someone.

Our economy is very complex and the financial tools like Credit Default Swaps go way over most peoples heads. Most people should be able to figure out that if you give a loan to someone who doesn't qualify and has a high risk of defaulting on it then that makes bad business sense. No one should be surprised by this, and the cause if very easy to figure out. The liberal media just doesn't want their people to look bad.

We need to send a message this election and tell them we won't take it any more. Forget about the parties their both corrupt. Vote out every incumbent!

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